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Witty Advice for Buying Charm Bracelets

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Millions of women of varying ages have a fondness for charm bracelets. Without a doubt, it is not atypical to hear women say they wore their first bracelet with dangly charms when they were at a very young age. Such is the power of fond memories. Certainly, charm bracelets are known for mostly be worn for informal social goings-on. But that does not matter because most of our socializing is more informal than not. If you want to expand your collection, or even if you are interested to buy your first charm bracelet, then you should learn a few important points.
Women who are drawn to antique, period, or vintage jewelry must learn all the tricks used so they can be sure of authenticity. It can be difficult to tell the difference between a forgery and the often targeted Tiffany charm bracelet. A fake or forged charm bracelet from Tiffany's is made of much lighter metals. If you were to hold a real Tiffany bracelet in one hand and a fake in the other, the real one would be much heavier. The seam where the links are soldered together in a real Tiffany charm bracelet are barely discernible. Forgeries don't have solders seams anywhere near that quality.

The vintage charm bracelet niche is old and huge, offering a fascinating variety including some truly rare finds for the serious collector. If you're going to shop for authentic vintage bracelets, we'd like to offer a word of warning. You need to be careful to avoid faux vintage pieces just as you would with other vintage jewelry.

Some sellers have made an honest mistake, but there are others who will deliberately try to deceive you. Just because a bracelet is marketed as "vintage style" doesn't mean that it is an actual vintage charm bracelet. You will need to do some solid research so you can learn about particular indicators that can guide you.

Another type of popular style is the bead charm bracelet. These are similar to the Italian style bracelets in that they both are very versatile and allow for individual expression. But the bead bracelet is made so you can include charms that dangle. By mixing charm beads and dangling charms, you can achieve any desired effect. Having the ability to mix both styles of charms is appealing for many women. Beads can be made from a variety of materials such as glass, wood, gold, silver, or gemstones.

Bead charm bracelets are more informal pieces of jewelry, but you can create very attractive pieces from the variety of materials.

For any budget, you can find a charm bracelet that works. Some are very inexpensive but they can be just as expensive if made with precious metals. Take your time and be sure to have fun shopping.


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